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Our Air Filter Include HEPA Air Filter , VOC Removing Air Filter ,Formaldehyde Removing Air Filter ,Activated Carbon Air Filter, Odor Removing Air Filter And HVAC Air Filter.

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Our company can design the filter screen according to the drawings, samples or specific parameter requirements provided by customers, and adjust and optimize the filter screen design through subsequent test data,
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What aspects should be considered when selecting the air supply outlet?

According to the required air volume, determine the type of air outlet within the allowable wind speed range at the neck of the air supply outlet.

Research and development of air filter CCM rapid evaluation device Nantong Hengjia air filter factory

Henkaes air filter factory has developed air filter CCM rapid evaluation device since 2016, and has established 30 cubic bins for HEPA air filter particles and 3 cubic bins for formaldehyde testing.

PCCF foam rubber formaldehyde removal filter screen - activated carbon air filter

With the continuous development of economy, people's awareness of formaldehyde removal is also enhanced. At present, many formaldehyde removal filter screens on the market are usually made of honeycomb like high-density activated carbon. This type of activated carbon air filter screen is usually limited to plate type. If the encapsulated carbon in the honeycomb is full, the resistance will be higher. If it is not full, the filtration efficiency may be lower than the price.

How much do you know about the basic knowledge of air filter?

How much do you know about the basic knowledge of the air filter screen? Now let's learn about the selection of filter material, filter frame, filter resistance, filter efficiency and service life of the air filter screen.

What are the characteristics and uses of high-temperature air filter?

The high temperature resistant high efficiency filter literally has the characteristics of high heat resistance and high precision filtration of the high efficiency filter, and is widely used in many fields. At present, many enterprises need to remove dust or smoke in the production process, and the filter needs to work in a high temperature environment for a long time. At this time, high temperature resistant high efficiency filter or air filter made of flame retardant materials will be used. Let's take a look at the introduction of Jiangsu air filter manufacturers: What are the characteristics and uses of high temperature resistant high efficiency filters?

Active carbon filter factory shares: why the specific surface area of activated carbon is large but the formaldehyde removal effect is average

When customizing the formaldehyde removal air filter, a customer often asks about the formaldehyde removal by activated carbon: Why do some activated carbon have large specific surface area, high CTC and iodine adsorption values, but poor adsorption performance for formaldehyde, ammonia, acetaldehyde and other gases in cigarettes.

What are the technical points of the activated carbon primary filter

In fact, the activated carbon primary efficiency filter is the familiar GC primary efficiency filter, which belongs to the G series primary efficiency filter. In addition, the G series primary efficiency filter also includes G1, G2, G3, G4, GN nylon mesh primary efficiency filter, GH metal mesh primary efficiency filter, and GT high temperature resistant primary efficiency filter.

Features of medium efficiency filter products

Air conditioners are household appliances in every family, but do you know what to use to filter dust particles? Medium efficiency filter is a main air filter, filtering dust particles exceeding 5 microns. Medium efficiency filter protects our respiratory tract. What are the advantages of an effective medium efficiency filter? Let's have a look.

What raw materials do HEPA air filters have? What is the material of commonly used filter cotton

What raw materials do HEPA air filters have? What material is the commonly used filter cotton? Here are some commonly used HEPA air filter cotton raw materials introduced by Jiangsu Air Filter Customization Factory.

What are air conditioning filters and what are their classifications

Air conditioning filters can be classified into three types according to the filtration grade, namely, primary air conditioning filters, medium efficiency air conditioning filters and high efficiency air conditioning filters.