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Cartridge filter


ylindrical filter is a common filtration device, usually used to filter solid particles in liquids or gases. Its structure usually includes a cylindrical filter element. The working principle of these filters is to trap impurities in the fluid through the filter element, making the outgoing liquid or gas purer. Cylindrical filters are widely used in many fields, including water treatment, automotive industry, food and beverage production, etc. Features: Cylindrical design effectively increases the filtration area. Filter materials can be selected from ptfe, activated carbon, glass fiber, polyester fiber, nanofiber, pp+pet composite filter cloth. Different materials can withstand high temperatures up to 65-135℃. wait It has the characteristics of high efficiency and large dust holding capacity, and is used in various environments that have strict requirements on air quality, such as pharmaceutical factories, spray painting workshops, gas turbines, engines, etc.


Cylinder Filter

Hepa Filter

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