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Ture HEPA filter with Aluminum partition—— Box-type Compact HEPA


Box-type Compact HEPA air Filter are mainly used in clean rooms and clean areas where pollutants are strictly controlled. The filter is made of water-resistant, flame-retardant fiberglass filter material. The filter material is separated by aluminum partitions. The corrugated aluminum partitions can accurately maintain the pleat spacing of the filter material, using the filter material as much as possible to reduce resistance. The edges of the partitions are specially treated to prevent damage to the filter material. Completely seal the filter element with polyurethane glue within the frame to prevent leakage around it. The sealant completely seals the edges of the filter element and the partitions, sealing all possible leakage channels. ​ Frame material: galvanized iron, stainless steel, etc.Filter material: multi-purpose glass fiber filter paper H13/H14, other grades can be customized


Hepa Filter

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Compact HEPA air Filter Box-type Compact HEPA



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