What raw materials do HEPA air filters have? What is the material of commonly used filter cotton

What raw materials do HEPA air filters have? What material is the commonly used filter cotton? Here are some commonly used HEPA air filter cotton raw materials introduced by Jiangsu Air Filter Customization Factory. We usually divide them into three categories:

What are the types of air filter materials? 1、 Synthetic fiber filter cotton:

Synthetic fiber filter cotton is a new type of filter material with small resistance, light weight, large capacity and high cost performance. With polyester fiber as the main raw material, it has good corrosion resistance and can be resistant to acid and alkali to a certain extent.

What are the types of air filter materials? 2、 Non woven filter cotton:

Non woven fabric is one of the materials with mature technology and stable performance. It is made by the process of melt blowing, needle punching and spunbond through multiple processes. It has large dust capacity, strong moisture resistance, relatively long service life, and is economical and durable. Non woven fabric is also the raw material of the air filter used earlier. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of technology, the emergence of composite non-woven fabrics has greatly improved its filtering performance, and has been widely used in places with relatively high requirements for air cleanliness

What are the types of air filter materials? 3、 Glass fiber filter cotton:

Glass fiber filter cotton is mainly made of various glass fibers of different thickness and length through special process. Fiberglass is one of the best in the industry due to its stable performance, high temperature resistance, large capacity and long service life. It is favored in some special places. However, glass fiber should be transported with special care, and its price is relatively expensive. Household air filtration products can be selected from those with high cost performance.

Customers have different requirements for air cleanliness at the place of use, so they need to choose air filters of different levels and different cost performance. In consideration of the filtration efficiency, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the cost of subsequent replacement of the air filter and the stability of the filter screen. I hope the above answers can help you.