What are air conditioning filters and what are their classifications

What are the air conditioning filters? What are the classifications? Hengke filter screen
Air conditioning filters can be classified into three types according to the filtration grade, namely, primary air conditioning filters, medium efficiency air conditioning filters and high efficiency air conditioning filters.
1. Primary air conditioning filter. The primary filter is applicable to the primary filtration of the air conditioning system, mainly used for filtering 5 μ Dust particles above m.
There are three types of primary filter: plate type, folding type and bag type;
Outer frame materials include paper frame, aluminum frame and galvanized iron frame;
Filter materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc,;
The protective mesh includes double-sided plastic sprayed wire mesh and double-sided galvanized wire mesh.
The characteristics of primary efficiency filter screen include: low price, light weight, good versatility and compact structure. It is mainly used for primary filtration of central air conditioning and central ventilation system.




2. Medium efficiency air conditioner filter. Medium efficiency filter is mainly used for central air conditioning and central air supply system. It can be used for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system to protect the next filter in the system and the system itself. In places where the requirements for air purification are not strict, the air treated by the medium efficiency filter can be directly sent to the room. Medium efficiency air filter, mainly used to capture 1-5 μ M particle dust and various suspended solids are widely used in various air conditioning systems. The product is mainly of bag structure, the outer frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy and galvanized steel plate, and the filter element is mainly made of non-woven fabric.

3. High efficiency air conditioning filter. High efficiency air filter can capture 0.1~0.5 μ The fine particles of m are mainly used in microelectronics industry, precision instruments, bioengineering and other industries. They are generally used as the final air filtration of various clean rooms, clean tunnels and air supply outlets. The products are mostly made of fine glass fiber filter material, thermosol as separator, special aluminum profile frame, etc. through strict process refining.