How much do you know about the basic knowledge of air filter?

How much do you know about the basic knowledge of the air filter screen? Now let's learn about the selection of filter material, filter frame, filter resistance, filter efficiency and service life of the air filter screen.

(1) Filter material

The air filter screen adopts synthetic fiber to improve the filtering area.

(2) Outer frame

The outer frames of the filter screen are various and solid. The hard paper frame has a moisture-proof effect, so it will not twist or break even if it is used for a long time.

(3) Filtration resistance

The filter fiber makes the air flow bypass, causing slight resistance. The sum of the resistance of countless fibers is the resistance of the air filter screen. The resistance of air filter screen increases with the increase of air flow. By increasing the area of filter material, the relative wind speed passing through the filter material can be reduced and the resistance of air filter screen can be reduced.

(4) Filtration efficiency

Among the factors that determine the filter efficiency, the meaning of "quantity" of dust is various, so the calculated and measured filter efficiency values are different. In practice, the total weight of dust and the number of dust particles; Sometimes it is the amount of dust of a typical particle size, sometimes it is the amount of all dust; There are also luminous flux (colorimetry) and fluorescence (fluorescence) that indirectly reflect the concentration by specific methods; There are instantaneous quantities in a certain state, as well as the weighted average of the change efficiency value in the whole process of dust generation.

(5) Service life

The more dust accumulated on the filter material, the greater the resistance. When the resistance is too large to be allowed by the design, the service life of the filter screen will end. Excessive resistance will cause the dust captured on the air filter to fly away, which forms secondary pollution. It is time to replace the air filter screen.