PCCF foam rubber formaldehyde removal filter screen - activated carbon air filter

With the continuous development of economy, people's awareness of formaldehyde removal is also enhanced. At present, many formaldehyde removal filter screens on the market are usually made of honeycomb like high-density activated carbon. This type of activated carbon air filter screen is usually limited to plate type. If the encapsulated carbon in the honeycomb is full, the resistance will be higher. If it is not full, the filtration efficiency may be lower than the price.



The PCCF foam rubber (equipped with platinum cocoa charcoal) formaldehyde removal filter screen launched by Henkaes is composed of macroporous sponge, rubber, coconut shell activated carbon with at least CTC70 and platinum catalyst, with a certain weight percentage.


PCCF formaldehyde removal filter screen removes the common honeycomb structure, selects 20-40 mesh coconut shell carbon to stick to the sponge, evenly distributes PCC platinum cocoa charcoal particles on the surface and inside of the macroporous polyurethane sponge, and the staggered cavity structure, when the polluted air passes through, it can evenly and fully contact with PCC platinum cocoa charcoal particles, so as to better adsorb formaldehyde. The laboratory test shows that the formaldehyde removal rate of 10-30mm PCCF activated carbon filter screen with the same thickness is more than 50% higher than that of traditional PCCHC activated carbon filter screen.


Compared with our ordinary honeycomb activated carbon filter screen, it can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, ozone and other harmful gases. This method is not only faster and more effective than the traditional filter screen, but also has a variety of filter screens, which can be made into square, round, cylindrical and other structures, enriching the filter screen style.