What aspects should be considered when selecting the air supply outlet?

There are many types of air supply outlets, and the following principles should be noted in the selection:

1. Understand the type, function, scope of application and structure type of air supply outlet.

2. According to the required air volume, determine the type of air outlet within the allowable wind speed range at the neck of the air supply outlet.

3. Check the main technical performance of the selected air outlet.

4. Determine the layout and installation mode of the selected air outlet and the connection mode with the air duct.


Secondly, understand the key points of model selection:

1. The layout of efficient air supply outlet shall comprehensively consider the requirements of indoor air flow organization, noise, building decoration, installation and maintenance, etc.

2. Select efficient air supply outlet according to room structure. If there is a suspended ceiling, circular and square diffusers shall be used according to the height of the air conditioning area and the air flow requirements of the use site.

3. The installation of side mounted replacement air supply outlet shall be less than 0.8m from the ground; The outlet wind speed shall not be greater than 0.2m/s for civil buildings and 0.5m/s for industrial buildings.

4. For places with large indoor heat dissipation or large spaces, the lower air supply outlet with stable airflow shall be preferred.

5. The outlet wind speed of high efficiency air supply outlet shall be determined according to the air supply mode, air supply type, installation height, indoor allowable wind speed, noise and other factors.