Development History

In 2004:

The company was established and introduced filter material efficiency and resistance testing equipment.  

In 2008:

moved to the current address and established the CADR laboratory

In 2009,

the company was renamed Nantong Hengjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

In 2013:

Establish activated carbon CTC test system according to national standard

In 2014:

Establish formaldehyde catalytic penetration test platform, VOC 30 m3 test chamber

In 2016:

Establish a new national standard 3m3 standard test chamber for air purifier

In 2017:

Establish ASHRAE52.2 efficiency resistance test platform

In 2018:

participated in drafting the new standard of Air Purification Device for Ventilation System

In 2019:

Production line upgrading, introduction of multiple automated production lines